Additional utility functions

This module provides some utility functions, but these shouldn’t normally be used by external applications.

secretstorage.util.format_secret(session: secretstorage.dhcrypto.Session, secret: bytes, content_type: str) → Tuple[str, bytes, bytes, str][source]

Formats secret to make possible to pass it to the Secret Service API.

secretstorage.util.exec_prompt(connection: jeepney.integrate.blocking.DBusConnection, prompt_path: str) → Tuple[bool, List[str]][source]

Executes the prompt in a blocking mode.

Returns:a tuple; the first element is a boolean value showing whether the operation was dismissed, the second element is a list of unlocked object paths
secretstorage.util.unlock_objects(connection: jeepney.integrate.blocking.DBusConnection, paths: List[str]) → bool[source]

Requests unlocking objects specified in paths. Returns a boolean representing whether the operation was dismissed.

New in version 2.1.2.